Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just in time for Christmas! New font and altar!

As promised the new font and altar have arrived, just in time for Christmas!

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Unknown said...

50 years ago I came to the new Space Needle from the SF Bay Area (I was 12) and went to the top. I saw a 5-fold something nearby and asked the attendant "What is that?"
He said "That's the new St. Paul's roof!" It looked like accordian folds to me. Today (December 23, 2011) I drove by St. Paul's and looked in the new windows at the font and the altar and ALL of it! The font was big enough for a whole person, not just a part. The altar had saints from today as well as yesterday as part of it.I thought of Einstein's idea of folding space as the perfect way to travel great distances -- or erase them. I think about the Spacious Now. It seems we tell a more holistic/whole/holy story now. We stand at the center and make room for all of it. There is no local/distance, but rather Now. I am already deepened by it.