Monday, November 21, 2011

Greetings everyone Our building renovation work is picking up pace.

The following important progress has been or is being made:

  • The painting of the wall behind the altar is in process. It's now a silvery color that will be highlighted with touches of bronze/gold in places. 
  • Our new font is complete and awaits installation in mid-December. 
  • The wood for the top portion of the altar is being prepared, and, I might add, is rich and beautiful. Julie is preparing the reliquary box (a bronze inset piece) that will hold our relic and a small portion of Father Ralph Carksadden's ashes. 
  • The new entryway is fully enclosed, giving us an idea of just how large that space will be--and it will be large! 
  • The pews are being repaired and stained a warm walnut color. 
  • The new bathroom is enclosed, ready for finishing. 
  • All the side windows have been removed. *New lighting is being installed. 
  • Our furnaces are being replaced. 
  •  We're still planning on being back in the space on Christmas Eve. Most everything but the interior colored glass will be complete (the outside clear safety glass that "seals" the space will be in place).  
All my thankfulness to you and to God as we make this journey together, +Melissa

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