Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wood for New Altar

A group from the Building Renovation Team along with artist Julie Speidel went to O.B. Williams in Seattle where the new altar wood is being finished.  We got to see the slab of Walnut before final work on it. 

The slab is now just shy of 6 inches thick has come through the curing process well (it was drying in a kiln for 5 months!). The team at O.B. Williams said it was the thickest piece of walnut they have ever worked with.

The portion to be carved out for the bronze reliquary box will be about 5 inches by 14 inches so we will have a roomy space for Gregory the Great and some of the ashes of Father Ralph Carskadden.
Mother Melissa Skelton at O.B. Williams

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Catherine said...

Melissa, your expression reminds me of a photograph of Grandmother Ida, standing at her mailbox. You resemble her so much here! Love, your coz, Catherine