Friday, October 7, 2011

Building Renovation Continues

Hello everyone

Progress on the building renovation is visible these days: equipment digging up the old sidewalk in the front of the church, wood and carpet samples in the nave, more and more of the old windows removed, and the beginning outline of our new expanded entryway in progress. In the meantime our liturgies in the parish hall continue in vibrancy and numbers.

Some building renovation progress highlights for you:

  • After much conversation, the City decided that they could trim the roots back on our trees, work with us on safe sidewalks and retain the current trees we have at the front of the church. 
  • The fabrication of the font is complete. All that the Julie Speidel's workshop now needs to do is to add the patina.
  • The wood slab for the new altar is either en route or in Seattle as I write this. Once in Seattle it will be finished off and Julie will see how thick it is so that she can adjust her work on the altar base so that we achieve the proper height for the overall altar.
  • Julie has generously agreed to design and donate new candlesticks and a new Paschal Candle stand that will work harmoniously with our new altar.
  • .I've begun some conversations with Julie about helping us with our new tabernacle (the idea being to have a wall-hung piece for this).

I'll send you more information as it becomes available.

Please continue to pray for those working on the renovation and for St. Paul's during this important time of transition and renewal.

In Christ,


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