Tuesday, December 22, 2009

O Keystone

by Stephen Crippen

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December 22

O Keystone of the arch of humankind, come, bind in one our riven hearts and minds; bid now our sad divisions cease, and be our Sovereign of Peace.

Keystone that binds my conscience to my neighbor's plight. Keystone that binds a murderer to his victim's family in a terrible yet redemptive connection. Keystone that binds a married couple in a tense yet creative intimacy. Keystone that binds us with our so-called enemies on one green earth. Keystone that binds living and dead together in one communion of saints. God as Keystone.


Mary Jane Francis said...

Stephen..... thank you so much for these. They are fabulous! I'd spoken w/ Gary about including them somehow in the Mass music during Advent, and the setting I was wondering about he said was very difficult to split apart. So... instead of Mass music, there are your meditative reflections. Thank you. Mary Jane Francis

Stephen Crippen said...

Mary Jane, thank you too for your interest, and for joining me in this late-Advent meditation! I've always loved these, and this year I just wanted to sit with them for a while. Who knows what next year will bring? Thanks again - and see you in a couple of days!