Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Umbrella Theatre Company at St. Paul's

I am proud to direct your attention to a new St. Paul's affiliated blog, Umbrella Theatre Company. Umbrella Theatre is the drama group at St. Paul's and has quite a few delicious projects going on at the moment, the next one being a puppet show at our Spring Family Potluck on April 19th.

A short description:

Well, folks, as everyone knows, it’s the Year of the Mouse, and here at St. Paul’s we don’t take that lightly. On the afternoon of April 19, as part of the Godly Play Potluck, the Paramouse Players, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Umbrella Players, will perform their first one-act play—well, actually, it’s only half an act, but there’s nothing half-act about these rodents. They’ll be performing Creation, an original retelling of Aesop’s fable, The Belling of the Cat, combined with the Bible story of Creation. It’s a clever mouse tale that the whole family will enjoy, parents and rugrats alike.

For more info and photos of the puppet players, head over to the Umbrella Theatre Blog. See you at the show!

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