Monday, December 17, 2007

Lost and Found

By Martha Wakenshaw

Lost and Found

I lost my faith, but I'll have to check my back pocket
because I may have stuffed it there absentmindedly and
when no one was looking.

I may have put my faith in a file drawer
to be pulled out later or in the dog's bowl
by accident or the old leather messenger bag
hanging on the wall.

I feel faith trying to find me, tugging
at my sleeve like a small child.

I hear faith crying out in the wilderness in
that wild and wonderful place of unknowing.

I see faith shy and hiding in the shadows
afraid to look up.

I smell faith in the incense thrown all around
like a foggy autumn morning.

I can almost touch faith, brush my cheek
against it's warm body.

Faith plays hide and seek with me
now seeking me, now calling out
"you're it."

Martha Wakenshaw is a member of St. Paul's, a writer, and a psychotherapist. Her website can be found here.


Trent said...

Martha, my Martha. That was beautiful. You find the right word.

Anonymous said...

What a thought provoking and original work. Faith is a peek a boo propistion. Thanks for the accessibility of the language.

Trent said...

kI meant to say 'words'. Martha finds the right words, plural. Although there are plenty of singular words that I enjoy in her piece, my comment was meant to compliment and pay homage to her words in their plural form, which together make for a singularly powerful and moving formation of eloquent thought.